[ Japanese Actress ] Aya Asahina Profile & more

I thought that Aya Asahina was a beautiful model for a long time ago.Generally it is famous for [Lake] commercial etc.Recently she is actively working as an actress.

I wanted to know about Aya Asahina, I tried examining my profile with Wikipedia.If only this style is good and beautiful, I thought that it would be a somewhat smooth sailing life …

Aya Asahina had two names in addition to her real name!By the way it seems that his weight is secret.


About Aya Asahina’s profile and debut

Nickname : Asahina,Ayachan,Ayatan,PinakoDate of birth : October 6, 1993

Current age : [birth day=”19931006″] years old

Hometown : Sumoto, Hyogo Prefecture (Awaji Island)

Blood type : O type

Height / Weight : 5’5 (171cm) / ? lb


Debut 2014

2014 DHC Cinderella Award Grand Prix

2015 San-Ai swimsuit image girl

Other activity : models,actress

The office : Ijima planning office, business alliance Harmony promotion

Aya Asahina‘s home from Sumoto, Hyogo Prefecture is located in Awaji Island.Aya Asahina is appealing that he is from Awajishima pretty much even on TV.Aya Asahina loves her hometown.

During junior high school there was very popularity in opposite sex. As a junior high school student Aya Asahina received a confession of love from twenty boys.

When I was junior high school student. (15 years old)

Aya Asahina was 5’44 in height as a junior high school third grader.At that time Aya Asahina belonged to the track division.It must have been a tall beauty from that time.

With this face preeminent in proportions, it seems that there was popularity in opposite sex.So at high school there would have been popularity in quite opposite sex. However, I can see “Japanese Gal” likeness from around this time.

When I was a high school student (18 years old)

Probably this picture is not make up. Still think that it is pretty cute.Formerly Aya Asahina was speaking on television, but she seems to have been violating the school regulations at around this time.

It’s piercing and eyebrow shaving.

Every time a school regulation is violated, a ticket for violation will be written. Parents are invoked whenever three tickets for violation are collected.


Aya Asahina is tall, but whose weight is unknown?

Aya Asahina‘s height is 5’5.There is no mistake as it is also listed on the website of the Ijima planning office of the office to which Aya Asahina belongs.

It is quite high height as a Japanese woman.In other Japanese actresses, Nana eikura and Koyuki are about the same height.

You can see from this picture, but proportion is also very good in addition to high stature!Aya Asahina is particularly beautiful with legs and shows off its beautiful legs in various situations.

This beautiful leg seems to have been built up by continuing the track for 10 years.As Aya Asahina says, she seems to have a firm muscle on her feet. It seems that muscles appear to be raised when you put power.

And what is the weight you care about?

Aya Asahina‘s weight seems to be secret. Initially it is private. It was not listed on the official website’s profile, either.

However, Aya Asahina‘s measurements are published.Her measurements are Bust 80, West 58, Hip 83.If this size is true it is a very thin body! It is a slender of slender.

By the way, the actress looks all out. I do not mind figures. Where I would like to say, but weight is a concern.

Once you know your height and measurements, I know the weight of Aya Asahina with a tool to determine the weight on the Internet.So, if I try to estimate her weight, surprise results!

It is amazing! Assumed weight of Aya Asahina 99.1 lbs!

It is less than 100 lbs!

Incidentally, the ideal weight of a woman with a height of 5’57 is 121 lb, which is reasonable.

But I think that actually it is a little heavy.No, it is not saying in a stigma. Muscles are heavier than fat.As Aya Asahina, who has been doing athletics for ten years, I think that firm muscle is attached as she says.

Aya Asahina’s wonderful proportions are the result of the original blessed figure and the effort she has done so far.