[ Japanese Actress ] Anna Ishii Profile & more

Ishii Anna is a Japanese actress and dancer.

It plans to appear in the drama “Cheer Dance” broadcast on July 2018.

It is expected to continue to be active as an actress to dance in the future.


Anna Ishii Profile



Birth date July 11, 1998 ([birth day=”19880711″] years old)

Place of birth Japan · Tokyo

Height 5’3″

Blood type O type

Professional dancer, actress

Genre TV drama, movie

Activity period 2010 ~



Anna Ishii as a dancer

Ishii Anna is a performer of a women’s dance performance group “E-girls”.

She belongs to LDH JAPAN where EXILE and 3rd generation JSoulBrothers are enrolled.

Ishii Anna started dancing from elementary school second grade.

She was recruited to the LDH Performer Training Center EXPG at the dance competition where Anna Ishii participated in the fifth grade of elementary school.

She became a member of E-girls at the music “Follow Me” announced in October 2012.


Anna Ishii as an actress

Ishii Anna appeared in many dramas and movies.

The masterpiece of her movie is ‘Solomon no Gisyou(The Perjury of Solomon)’ and ‘Girls Step’

Ishii Anna won the Blue Ribbon Rookie Prize in 2015 with these two works.

The drama that Anna Ishii appeared is famous for popular drama “Aogeba Toutoshi(Revealed to Honorable)which was broadcasted in 2017.

Anna Ishii also appeared in many TV commercials.

She is expected as an actress for the future.

“Cheerdance” will fully demonstrate the appeal of Anna Ishii in both dance and acting.