[ Japanese Actress ] Rikako Yagi Profile & more

Rikako Yagi is an actress / model of Japan.

Rikako Yagi is a young actress expected to be active in the future.


Rikako Yagi Profile

Yagi Rikiko Profile

Birthdate:July 7, 2001 ([birth day=”20010707″]years old)

Hometown:Shiga Prefecture
Bloodtype: O type
Debut:2016 –
Office:Asia Cross


Talent of Rikako Yagi

Rikako Yagi’s special skill is calligraphy and rhythmic gymnastics.

Rikako Yagi’s debut in the entertainment world debut was to win the Grand Prix at “#THE NEXT ASIACROSS MODEL AUDITION 2015”.

This audition was a large model audition Grand Prix with 7851 participants.

After that Rikako Yagi will be selected as a commercial for Japan ‘s most famous sports drink “Pocari Sweat”.

This commercial is still one of her most famous works.

Moreover, it is now active also becoming an exclusive model of the fashion magazine “Seventeen” popular in Japanese female teenagers.


Rikako Yagi as an actress

Rikako Yagi still has few jobs as an actress.

However, in the drama “CheerDance” broadcasted from July 2018, he will serve as the best friend of the hero.

Rikako Yagi’s career as an actress is expected in the future.