[Japanese Actress]Yui Sakuma Profile&more

I will introduce the young Japanese attention actress in Japan.

This time Yui Sakuma will introduce.

Yui Sakuma who is tall and works on models is also popular as an actress.


Yui Sakuma Profile



Nickname Saku-chan

Birth date March 10, 1995

Current age [birth day=”19950310″] years

Hometown Kanagawa Prefecture Yokosuka City

Blood type O type

Height / Weight 5’55 “/ – kg

Shoe size 24.5 cm

Genre fashion

Model content General

Other Actress Actress

Office Platinum Production


Yui Sakuma History

Yui Sakuma is an actress in Japan.

Sakuma Yui also active as a model.

In 2013 I applied for an audition of an exclusive model of a fashion magazine popular with teen “ViVi”.

It is the manager of Yui Sakuma who recommended to audition.

As a result it was chosen as an excellent Grand Prix.

After that it became famous as a model.

Acting as an actress began aside while working on model business.

The debut as an actress was the 2014 film “People Wolf Game Beast Side”.

In 2015, she plays the main act suddenly in a TV drama “Transit Girls” that co-starred with Sho Ito.

Sakuma Yui played a difficult role of being homosexual in this drama.

In 2017, he was noted as a childhood friend of the hero who plays Kanemura Arimura on NHK continuous TV novel “Hiyokko”.

1293 women participated in the audition of this role.

Currently the model business is closed and devoted to actress work.


Sakuma Yu’s present and future

Brothers are younger sister younger than 4 years old and brother younger than 10 years old.

She’s sister is also active as a model.

He also appeared in television commercials.

She also appeared in a commercial of a marriage information magazine “zexy” which is a gateway for young actresses and showed off her wedding dress.

He appeared in many dramas as well in 2018 and repeatedly carries on that career.

Especially in the drama “Cheer Dance” from July, many young actresses will perform one of the main characters while appearing.

The drama “Cheer Dance” seems to have a dance scene and it seems that you can see the new charm of Sakuma Yui.